Nitin Gupta
1 min readDec 7, 2022


I lived through the recession of 2007 
I have seen,

-Global trade nearly collapsed

-Global unemployment rose by high per cent, and

-Many European had experienced their own concerns,

And now when I see the financial sector is nervous as recession fears loom,

I am okay with it. Why?

Because at this time, I don’t think we are going into a recession as bad as in 2007,

In fact, in this downturn, we are going through a profound economic and financial shift, that will cause a deep and intelligent transformation in the structure, policy and growth of our trading habits.

And the Over-the-Counter trading platform will be the torchbearer of that change.

I am personally involved with many business leaders which moved out of

-Economic warfare,


-State capitalism, and

-Power centralization of trade,

Into more open and free market activity where they have the freedom to expand into new markets.

And to do that they chose Over-the-Counter trading platforms. It,

-Allows them to trade without having to be listed on a stock exchange

-Helps them with hedging, trading risk transfer and business operations leverage

-Is offering consistent prices to their clients

-Is providing more flexibility as compared to exchange-traded derivatives

I have seen businesses getting flourish when they surround by technology,

And trust me, they won't be going back.

What are your thoughts on this fantastic and exciting digital innovation coming in the form of Over-the-trading platforms?



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