Building a Strong Personal Brand Online: Pro Tips from the Thought Leaders Themselves

Nitin Gupta
5 min readFeb 23, 2024

“Your personal brand is what people say about you after you leave the room.” — it’s your calling card to the world.

Think of it as your identity to the world. When we talk about Microsoft, we think of Bill Gates, Tesla, Elon Musk and so on. A perfect personal brand isn’t about building a giant business but purely about crafting your global identity.

Personal branding is how you showcase your unique expertise, connect with like-minded individuals, and unlock exciting opportunities. However, amidst the chaos, we often need help finding our path in the dense crowd.

Despite not having any hard and fast rules to build your online persona, it’s time that I share some of the most remarkable insights from reputed thought leaders who have strived to create their personal brand.

1. Craft Your Narrative, Captivate Your Audience:

Ms Marita Decker

Storytelling is an art that you need to master and muster. Learn from the mastermind behind FutureCourse Education, Ms Marita Decker, who emphasises the importance of storytelling.

She suggests that instead of bombarding your audience with random content, you should focus on key themes that resonate with your audience. Select a niche and become a go-to source on these topics.

The day your audience finds your information credible & valued, you will be their primary source of information for that domain.

2. Stand Tall, Stand Out:

Ms Gowri Ramani

The guiding light of Coach Lumen, Ms Gowri Ramani, has taught us that the path of ever-growing brand presence and standing out can be challenging.

Hence, you must remember that clarity is the king down the road. Always know what you and your brand represent, i.e., the values you uphold, the quality you deliver, and the impact you strive for.

Use this to shine through every interaction on every platform, building authenticity and trust with your audience.

3. Master the Art of the Bite-Sized Message:

Kelly Huang

The secret sauce to optimise your content comes from Kelly Huang, the social media maven at Genesis Advisers. You can think short and sweet for updates, keeping them within the 140-character sweet spot.

Staying in touch with your audience and giving them minute updates can elevate your social presence and boost your brand in the competitive market.

4. Become a Guest Writer Extraordinaire:

Helen Croydon

Talk about guest blogging, one of the underrated yet powerful methods of managing your online presence. Leverage the power of guest blogging.

As Helen Croydon suggested, building your brand presence can be a piece of cake with guest blogging.

Publish your writing on popular platforms that accept guest contributions and share your thoughts with the world.

5. Be You, Be Intriguing:

Nick Leighton

The career coach at Exactly Where You Want to Be, Mr Nick Leighton, emphasises the importance of authenticity.

Never step back to share interesting tidbits about yourself beyond the professional face.

Keep sharing your & showcasing your interest & passion. Let your personality shine, sparking a genuine connection with your audience.

6. Own Your Niche:

Sahar Andrade

Sahar Andrade highlights the power of uniqueness. Identify what sets you apart and what gap you fill in your industry.

Articulate your target audience and the specific value you offer. Remember, your uniqueness is your superpower, making your brand truly magnetic.

7. Build Trust: Be Real, Not Reel:

Csaba Toth

ICQ Global CEO Csaba Toth suggests ditching the perfectly curated image. Instead, put effort into documenting your journey, the real authentic you personally and professionally.

You must learn to connect with people’s emotions because it always works. Show your growth, struggles, and successes, not manufactured perfection.

8. Create Stuff People Actually Want

Lisa Marie Platske

Ms Lisa Marie Platske reminds us that content is the lifeblood of your brand. You must ensure that your posts are genuine, relevant to your niche, and offer true value to your audience.

Avoid spammy self-promotion and educate, entertain, or inspire your audience.

Embrace the Journey, Not the Destination:

Building a killer online brand isn’t a sprint but a marathon. There will be ups and downs, moments of doubt and bursts of inspiration.

You must learn to embrace the journey, celebrate your wins (big or small), and learn from your setbacks.

Build authenticity and consistency, leading you towards a brand that reflects your unique awesomeness. So, there you have it, an aspiring brand-builder.

These expert hacks can be your launchpad, but remember that the most important ingredient is YOU.

Infuse your brand with your personality, your passions and your values. And most importantly, have fun along the way!



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